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“As Aida, Paulette Ivory is splendid, proud of bearing, elegant of gesture, commanding of voice. Her spotlight number, the anguished and ironic “Easy as Life” provides the finest moment in the show.”
--The Detroit News

"Paulette Ivory, as Aida, conveyed in voice and action the confusion of a young woman in love, and the growing heroism of her character. Her voice, whether singing or speaking, was enticing, with a deep vibrato."
-- The Times Picayune

"Paulette Ivory is wonderful as the title character: She sings with a soulful, smoky voice, and she has a born princess' grace and command."
-- Orlando Sentinel

"Paulette Ivory as Aida is regal, graceful, amusing and has pipes that blow the roof off the Times-Union Center. Her magnetic performance lifts the production and enchants the audience. I doubt there will be many more road shows for her -- see her while you can."
-- Jacksonville Times Union

"Ivory is a grand singer and nuanced actress who never once comes across as anything less than noble."
-- Miami Herald

"Ivory rules the stage whenever she's upon it. She's supple as well as regal in all her dramatic scenes, and frosts the vocal lines with scatlike ornamentals."
-- Sun-Sentinel

"All hail princess Paulette Ivory, the phenomenal star of Aida. British actress-singer Ivory is one of those rare birds with a voice of such richness, control and power."
-- Boca Raton News

“Paulette Ivory’s title performance in Aida is so awe-inspiring, so beautiful in strength and power, it stirs your soul. Ivory is most riveting in “Dance of the Robe,” where we see every bit of turmoil on her face as her people beseech her to act as their leader. The pivotal moment, where Aida accepts her duty and joins her people’s frenzied dance, is Ivory’s finest.”
-- Akron Beacon Journal

“Far and away the best performance in this touring production is Paulette Ivory as Aida. Ivory is every bit the noble, dignified, self-possessed queen-in-disguise, knowing what she must do, yet humanly torn by what her heart wants to do. She is also a powerful and convincing singer.”
-- The Patroit Ledger

“Ivory is both a commanding singer and a self-possessed presence; as the Nubian princess who is captured by, and becomes the forbidden lover of the Egyptian captain, Ivory brings a palpable earthiness and complexity to the stage.”
-- Boston Globe

“Paulette Ivory was born for this part. She has a rare beauty and elegance that hints at some royal heritage, and it shines through in this role. Her passion is palpable, and her voice is electrifying. Her rendition of “The Gods Love Nubia” gave me goosebumps.”
-- Providence Valley Breeze

“The cast was fabulous for Tuesday’s opening, with British-born Paulette Ivory, the show’s Aida, looking like a princess and sounding like a goddess.”
-- Providence Journal

“Paulette Ivory brings a charismatic presence and soaring vocal ability to the role of Aida.”
-- The Hartford Courant

“Paulette Ivory portrays Aida as a defiantly proud independent-minded young woman. Ivory is also a stirring vocalist, whether joyously belting out the spiritual-tinged “Gods Love Nubia” or singing the romantic duet “Elaborate Lives” with a tear in her voice.”
-- Baltimore Sun

“Paulette Ivory is formidable in the title role.”
-- Washington Post